Survivor Services

Lets talk about survivor services...

We provide person-centred, outcome-based support.

MindMosaic is funded by the Scottish Government via Inspiring Scotland to provide services to adult survivors of childhood abuse.

​We are working to ensure that anyone affected by childhood abuse* receives the appropriate level of person-centred, outcome-based support that identifies what matters to survivors at a time that is right for them. The organisation is also striving to raise awareness and reduce stigma of childhood abuse.

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​Services available within the Survivor Service include

  • Face-to-Face counselling
  • Dedicated Trauma Therapy​
  • Therapeutic Support​
  • PsychoEducational Groups​
  • Mindfulness​
  • Workshops for Families​
  • Support groups for both men and women​
  • Diversionary Activities*(Childhood abuse, defined by the Scottish government may be physical, emotional, sexual or psychological”) – Scottish Government 2011*

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Survivor Services from MindMosaic

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