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At MindMosaic Counselling and Therapy we offer a wide range of interventions catered to individual needs.

“Long-lasting responses to trauma result not simply from the experience of fear and helplessness but from how our bodies interpret those experiences.”

Rachel Yehuda

Individuals who have experienced trauma often have unpleasant after-effects and may re-live the traumatic experience – sometimes months or even years later. This can lead to a range of other related symptoms.

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What trauma therapy is right for me?

Our therapists are very experienced in using psychological approaches to enable a client to recover from traumatic events and memories. During an initial session, we would aim to discuss and agree a treatment plan that may use one or a combination of approaches depending on your individual circumstances and preferences.

Trauma does not always speak

We don’t process or remember trauma in our “cognitive” or thinking brain, but store in a more primitive part of the brain. Therefore traumatic experiences are often not recalled as a memory, but as a body sensation. Therefore trauma therapy is often delivered through techniques which resource and calm the central nervous system alongside or instead of more conventional talking therapies. This is often referred to as somatic psychotherapy.

Somatic Psychotherapy offers a body-based approach to healing the effects of trauma. It is widely recognised that somatic based approaches help individuals to restore balance to their nervous system through mind and bodywork. Establishing psychological and physical resources and creating a professional safe therapeutic relationship is key to trauma therapy. The duration of therapy will be dependent on the individual and the nature of the trauma.

Occasionally the client may choose to use only the body resources to allow better daily functioning without revisiting the trauma. Or a combination of both may be required to fully process the somatic symptoms of the past.

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