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Understanding Your Trauma Responses

MindMosaic Trauma Services offer a 5 week psycho-educational course to individuals on the waiting list for trauma therapy. This course is designed to help individuals gain awareness of the psychological and emotional impact of the traumatic events they have experienced.

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Psycho-education and guidance to help individuals understand the emotional/psychological reactions that often include:

  • Feelings of anxiety, anger or survival terror.
  • Traumatic flashbacks that they cannot control.
  • Avoidance of people and places that trigger the original trauma.

When our bodies experience trauma, the body and brain automatically start a survival process. This course will give participants resources to return the brain alarm system to normal. Participants will then receive a block of face to face trauma therapy where they will be supported to process their own traumatic experiences. This enables the healing and recovery process to become easier.

Psycho-educational groups are structured therapeutic groups that emphasize learning more about a problem or issue and/or developing new life skills for the purpose of prevention and growth.

Compared with most counselling or therapy groups, psycho-educational groups are more structured, issue-specific, and leader-directed and stress self-awareness and self-improvement.

It can be hard planning to make changes in a sustained way. Evidence shows that getting the right kind of support can make a huge impact on how well people improve.

MindMosaic can help you understanding and manage your trauma responses

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