Trauma Informed Workshops

Living through traumatic events is a common experience across our lifespan and that of our community.

Trauma Informed Workshops

Trauma is everyone’s business. Traumatic experiences are far more common than previously believed. It is estimated that 31% of under 18s have experienced a traumatic event. 29% of women across their lifespan have experienced domestic abuse. Trauma has a range of possible impacts on our physical and mental health as well as social outcomes.

Mind Mosaic are offering a range of bespoke workshops supporting our community to be “trauma informed”. This will enable the workforce to better meet the needs of our community living with the effects of trauma.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn the difference between singular trauma effects and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Brief overview of neuroscience relating to trauma and effects on our nervous systems.
  • Understanding of defence mechanisms and coping strategies of an individual who has been subjected to prolonged trauma.
  • Develop and learn resources to help work more effectively with a traumatised individual.


We provide trauma informed workshops across Inverclyde